Writing Wednesday: Musical Mingling

How often do you use music as a method of stimulating your muse?

Does each muse for each writing project possess a taste for a different type of music?

For as big a role as music plays not only in our writing process but also in our daily lives its quite a rarity to see it playing such a substantial role in a story. The stories where music might play a very small role in are those set during a time when music was changing the social dynamic of the time. Can you think of a few time periods where that is evident?


Write a scene where music plays a main role in the narrative. You will know if it plays a main role in the narrative when you try to remove it completely and the whole story falls apart. To spice things up, choose a type or genre of music that you know very little about or don’t listen to very often and use it as the basis for inspiration.

Writing Wednesday: Meaning of Writing

What does writing mean to you?

For me, it is the sun just peaking over the edge of the horizon during the winter months. It feels like a brief pleasure that seems to find a way around the rigid corners and endless to-dos of the day.

It is said that writing, in particular writing everyday in a journal can assist in overcoming emotional, mental and physical stress. There is something to be said about vocalizing on paper  the most difficult  feelings that we are too scared to speak of with someone.


Create and write about a character (minor or major) who depends on the ability to write. Why they depend on writing can be up to you, but it must be clear that without writing a huge piece of who they are would be missing.