Media Monday: Books on the Nightstand Podcast

Books on the Nightstand

Books on the Nightstand

When you first arrive at the website for the first time you might find it rather quaint and haphazardly thrown together. Once you flip through a couple of the pages and get an idea of the content you might be listening to, you take the time to download the first ten episodes. What kind of podcast is this going to be?

There are a million podcast that are out there that review books and that is mainly it. This podcast is different. If you google book podcast anywhere, this podcast pops up alongside the podcasts from media outlets such as the BBC and the New York Times. What this has that many of the others doesn’t is a personal look into the book industry. Both Michael and Ann have been working in the industry but not as the top executives. This affords the listener the knowledge that they aren’t above the industry, but more or less in the depths of it every day.

The most interesting aspect is instead of revolving around one book, there is a bookish theme to each episode. Often times the theme revolves around a question or notion about the industry that a lot of people either are discussing currently or haven’t really dared to touch on in the past.

Either way, it took less than three episodes to convince me to listen and now I am twenty deep since the beginning of the week.

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